Friday, November 11, 2011

TS Sullivant 3

Another selection of TS Sullivant illustrations from Life Magazine.
The beautiful balance between detail and simplification is something worth studying. Look at the lioness in the first image for example. Her face, hands and feet are drawn with realism, her upright body pose is effectively simple.
Everything reads very well. Lesson: Simplicity is best, add a few details to give the design some texture and focus.

The rhino in the next cartoon is pure joy, proportions and appeal to perfection.
Sullivant draws everything well, and with a sense of invention. Bunnies, tigers, monkeys, humans and even dinosaurs. Although the dialogue on that one makes you kind of sick, knowing what it refers to. Gotta love your animals...

On a different note, Milt Kahl's daughter Sybil has left a comment on the Madame Medusa post.
It's pretty funny, check it out!