Monday, June 22, 2015

The One and Only...

I see the essence of Walt Disney animation in this cel. (And yes, I am the proud owner of this iconic piece of art). Pinocchio just before he comes to life. There is such a beautiful feeling of "wooden" WEIGHT. No question, based on a Milt Kahl drawing. The ultimate in appeal, color and...well, magic.
Milt, Frank and Ollie were very young animators when they all focused on the film's title character.
It must have been daunting to try and meet the standards set by senior, experienced  artists like Tytla, Fred Moore , Norm Ferguson and others. But the young guys proved that they were able to make major contributions.
Milt with his impeccable sense for design and dynamic motion, Frank with complex acting and Ollie with warm, sympathetic animation. SELF EXPRESSION by the animators was key in those days to make audiences believe in the personalities.
The visual development department generated equally inspired work.

Go and get this remarkable book on the making of this Disney masterpiece: