Saturday, July 28, 2012

Prince Phillip and Samson

As I mentioned before, Milt Kahl really didn't enjoy animating Prince Phillip.
A handsome dude with a limited range for acting just didn't appeal to him. Of course he still gave it all he'd got to put a descent performance on the screen.
The following drawings are from the scene where Phillip gets on his horse, confident that he found the love of his life, even if his father King Hubert objects.
These are original rough drawings mixed in with copies of clean ups to show the path of action.
It looks to me that this scene was somewhat based on live action reference, but the translation into drawn animation is incredible. Just dealing with the horse turning direction would be a real challenge. 
Assistant artist Dave Suding, who worked on the film, told me once that one clean up drawing with the prince on his horse took one full day. That means a second of final clean up footage would require a whole month! Incredible.


Bre Melvin created a pencil test with these drawings: