Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gaston Model Sheets

Probably the most difficult character I ever animated at Disney. A high degree of realism in the design as well as motion is never easy to bring to life. Here is some material I found in my Xerox archive.
The development sketch above still shows a mustache on Gaston's face, an idea that was tossed out. No facial hair on the guy, I was told.

Studying bodybuilders' anatomy.

A couple of construction sheets for Gaston's head. If you can't draw this from any angle, I think your animation will lack range.

A whole body turn-around. Not easy to do after having animated less than five scenes. But production management always needs these sorts of things right away, even though you are still in the process of discovering aspects about the character's appearance.

What I love about Gaston these days is his "after life",  particularly as a "meet and greet character" at Walt Disney World. There are the most hilarious encounters with guests on Youtube.  Here is one of those:

For my Gaston pencil tests go here: