Thursday, March 12, 2015


Ward Kimball didn't really enjoy the assignment of animating the character of Bacchus for the Pastoral sequence in Fantasia. And I really don't know why. I do know that he had his eyes set on the segment Dance of the Hours, featuring dancing hippos and alligators, but he didn't end up being cast on that part of the film.
It is kind if fun to discover though, that there WAS a Disney artist who provided inspiration by having his expressive face photographed as an inspiration for story artists and animators.

Caravaggio's painting of the Roman God of wine had no influence on the Disney artists at all.

Story artist James Bodrero developed a cartoony version of the character, that started to show some  a resemblance to a certain Disney artist.

Even the beautiful maquette from Joe Grant's design department
was modeled after a particular Disney employee.


And that artist it is Dick Huemer, who co-wrote the movie Dumbo with colleague Joe Grant.
See for yourself, if you think that there is any resemblance  between Bacchus and Dick Huemer.
Boy, I sure think three is.