Friday, September 2, 2016

Kahl Drawings for Sleeping Beauty

The rough sketch above is from one of my favorite Milt Kahl scenes. This is Seq. 13, Sc. 53.4, and the Disney draft says:
King Hubert gets angry - he is about to smash his crown. Prince Phillip grabs the crown and tries to calm his father.
Hubert: "No, can't do this to me!...Give up the throne...the kingdom...for some... some nobody! By Harry, I won't have it! You're a prince and you're going to marry a princess!"
Phillip: "Now father, you're living in the past! This is the fourteenth century! Nowadays...
Hubert: "Nowadays I'm still the king and I command you to come to your senses..."

The scene is a little over 30 feet long. Hubert's anger outburst is beautifully animated, great poses, great timing. Phillip grabs the crown out of his father's hand just in time. I highly recommend studying the scene frame by frame.

The following three drawings by Milt were done for John Lounsbery scenes to make sure the character stays on model. Milt animated the first half of the kings' drinking sequence, Lounsbery drew the second half.

Milt didn't animate any scenes involving the three fairies, but he did sketch this hat treatment for Merryweather and gave it to Frank Thomas.

This is a rough in-between for an early scene that was cut from the movie. At that time Milt drew the Prince with a sharp nose tip.

Design ideas for Fauna. The sagging cheeks were later eliminated for a simpler facial appearance. Beautiful arrangement of shapes, but I do prefer Frank and Ollie's version of the character.