Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Moviola II

These pics were taken by Hans Bacher after we had moved out of Disney's original animation studio into a "temporary" facility in Glendale. John Lounsbery's Moviola moved with me into my new office.
We were not on the Disney lot anymore, but I sure wanted to be surrounded by Disney visuals. So I made up these framed collages on the wall from movie stills.
In the top right corner you see a partial model sheet made up of Vance Gerry's character sketches for Oliver.

Below a sheet of expression studies for an early version of Creeper.

A photo stat showing Milt Kahl's version of Taran and Eilonwy.

In doing some research on Cauldron online I was sorry to came across the news that Susan Sheridan, who voiced Eilonwy, passed away last year.

More of my early development designs for the film here: