Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Moviola II

These pics were taken by Hans Bacher after we had moved out of Disney's original animation studio into a "temporary" facility in Glendale. John Lounsbery's Moviola moved with me into my new office.
We were not on the Disney lot anymore, but I sure wanted to be surrounded by Disney visuals. So I made up these framed collages on the wall from movie stills.
In the top right corner you see a partial model sheet made up of Vance Gerry's character sketches for Oliver.

Below a sheet of expression studies for an early version of Creeper.

A photo stat showing Milt Kahl's version of Taran and Eilonwy.

In doing some research on Cauldron online I was sorry to came across the news that Susan Sheridan, who voiced Eilonwy, passed away last year.

More of my early development designs for the film here:


  1. Wait, so was the final look of the Horned King almost entirely due to you? Were there any other designs considered?

  2. Wow! Look how solidly Milt has those two walking in perspective!

  3. Wow! You started very young, that handsome,