Monday, April 11, 2016

Bambi Art & Artists

Some years ago I had the chance to ask a few key artists from the Bambi crew to sign my copy of Frank & Ollie's book. Quite the title page!
The inscription on top of the page was written by Frank Thomas. Donnie Dunagan is the voice of Bambi, and Peter Behn did Thumper. Then there is Mel Shaw as well as Tyrus Wong.

I am not sure who created this amazing artwork for the romantic sequence in the film (I bring You a Song).  All I know is that such a sentimental treatment can go down the drain really fast and become kitsch. I am sure that there are people who think that's exactly what it is...but to me these visuals look stunning.


  1. I agree that they're stunning. I especially like the the first board, with all the dramatic dark-and-light contrasts, but the draftsmanship on all of them is incredible.

    By the way, Andreas, have you ever heard of the Thompson Elk fountain in Portland, Oregon? It was sculpted by Roland Hinton Perry. Some have referred to it as a 'monstrosity of art', because it depicts an animal that doesn't exist. Here's the link if you'd like to judge for yourself:

  2. Hey Andreas, This is not really Frances, this is her son, Axel. I've been looking at the animation works of The Nine Old Men that you've been sharing, and I love it! I wish I could be able to contact you by Email.

  3. These story sketches look like Ty Wong art, but that's just my guess

  4. MAN, those are fantastic!Tyrus Wong was the one guy I missed out on meeting at CTN (I got stuck in traffic and missed the documentary). The little flip book that comes with that Bambi book is super cool

  5. Bambi is a very interesting story, it's a bit sad, but also romance, a great classic.