Monday, July 25, 2016

Mim as a Crocodile

These are some of the best Milt Kahl drawings you will ever see. Character designs of Madame Mim as a crocodile. Milt did a thorough exploration of this creature, even though the croc is on the screen for only six short scenes.
Milt is fully embracing Picasso here. Look at those hands! Right out of Guernica. The old cuddly Disney style is gone, the new styling borrows from 1950s and 60s fine art. So cool, and so much fun to look at!

Here is a re-post of a color model cel, picturing the first image above.
Milt didn't animate anything on the Wizards' Duel, and he wasn't too happy with the way his designs were handled in the final footage. That's because they didn't look EXACTLY like these sketches.

Again, a big thanks to Rick Farmiloe for providing these incredible images.