Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roger Rabbit Screening and Panel

Next month on April 4 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present a screening of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and a panel discussion with some of the film makers.
I am honored to be included, and I look forward to this special evening.

The event is already sold out, but there will be a standby line where tickets might become available in case of cancellations and no shows. Here is the link to the Academy's website:

Way back when the movie turned out to be such a big hit, Disney and Amblin thanked the key animators with this lovely note, and we also received a cel from one of our scenes. In this one Jessica was of course animated by Russel Hall. 
"Let's go home, Roger. I'll bake you a carrot cake!" What a fantastic line of dialogue!

Animation had become cool again. Little did we know that more great projects and huge successes were around the corner.