Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Counting Scars...

I cannot believe that I am am just now finding out about this video, made by "Oh My Disney".
Apparently in some survey about Disney villains Scar won this year as the most evil one.
What a production number...(it reminds me of certain parties when I lived in Paris, Disney themed always).
Well...this is a big ego booster, I try and not let it go to my head. Check it out!!



Animator Marc Davis went through a few experimental designs before settling on the final look for Sleeping Beauty's villain Maleficent. We all know her final appearance, as can be seen in the image above. Marc's color ideas for the character clashed with production designer Eyvind Earle. Instead of a combination of black and red, Earle insisted on black and purple. Marc was never happy with this concept, to him the color red represented fire, an appropriate element in defining Maleficent's appearance.

Maleficent surrounded by a group of  Goons, who proved to be rather useless to her in finding the whereabouts of Aurora.

Marc also did design work on characters he didn't animate like this group of forest animals pretending to act as Prince Charming.