Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Animator Marc Davis went through a few experimental designs before settling on the final look for Sleeping Beauty's villain Maleficent. We all know her final appearance, as can be seen in the image above. Marc's color ideas for the character clashed with production designer Eyvind Earle. Instead of a combination of black and red, Earle insisted on black and purple. Marc was never happy with this concept, to him the color red represented fire, an appropriate element in defining Maleficent's appearance.

Maleficent surrounded by a group of  Goons, who proved to be rather useless to her in finding the whereabouts of Aurora.

Marc also did design work on characters he didn't animate like this group of forest animals pretending to act as Prince Charming.


  1. On the color ...I'd have to side with Eyvind Earle. I kind of feel that the purple and green worked so well with the chemically colored flame in the climax..it's just a better fit. Maybe I am just familiar with the final color choices? The first (and fourth) drawing is wonderful..just the contrasting hard and soft shapes where there could have easily been repetition.

  2. Both color combinations give such a powerful effect!

  3. I liked the new movie but there will never be so great a villain as Maleficent. SHe just did evil so well.

  4. image 2 and 3 : she's looking like the queen of Snow White

  5. Adreas Deja does an interview in the Sleeping beauty Diamond Edition.
    In that interview there is a Large Maleficent Artits Doll. I now own this doll and was amazed to see it in the Sleeping Beauty DVD. Does anyone know how I can contact Mr. Deja? I would love to have more information about this piece.

  6. Hello Andreas,
    About the photo of Maleficent surrounded by a group of Goons...Is the picture of a storyboard model sheet?

    1. It is an illustration Marc did, and the studio printed it to hand it around like a model sheet.