Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lecture Series

I did this illustration for the cover of Storyboard Magazine quite a few years ago. Characters like Scar and Hercules and Lilo were yet to come. I learned a lot during those years, just by animating a lot.
From my experience you can read about animation, its techniques and history, but you learn best by doing it.
How I go about animating a scene (from thumbnails to final tie down) will be the subject of my first 2015 online lecture with Virtual Animators this coming Saturday, February 21, at 11 AM US Pacific time.
I'll try and break down my working method as much as possible...and answer questions you might have.
If you are interested in joining me, go to Virtual Animators' web site:

We are planning a new lecture about every other Saturday, covering all kinds of topics related to character animation. I look forward to diving into this new venture, let's have some fun!