Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scar Pencil Tests

It feels good to be part of a hit movie again. Even if the movie is an old one.
"The Lion King" is filling theaters again, this time in 3D. When I saw it like this recently, I thought it looked kind of cool. As a kid I have always loved the old viewmaster 3D slides, it was very magical to me.
So to celebrate the success of "The Lion King" reissue, here are a dozen random  pencil tests of my Scar animation.
Sure brings back memories... when we had real lions at the studio for study.
Working with Jeremy Irons was a joy. The man can read anything, and you'd want to animate it, I swear. What an inspiring voice!  It was a privilege to be assigned to this character.
I remember during production I didn't watch "Jungle Book" once, I tried to do a different type of villain than Shere Khan, as far as design and personality.
I wished I could redo a lot of my scenes, but this is all I could do way back.
At least the personality seems to be coming through.
Scar was evil, but also intelligent. And that's  a dangerous combination.
And he sure enjoyed being bad.