Thursday, October 5, 2023

Disney's Cats & Dogs

Currently showing at the Walt Disney Family Museum is an exhibition about Disney's felines and canines. I had the opportunity to visit recently, and I want to recommend this show to all of you. Here are a few pics I took that include a variety of visuals on display.

The opening photos depict animation artists studying real animals before animating them. And that is one key reason why Disney Animation is so convincing. You believe that those characters have real bones and muscles.

That's Eric Larson on the left.

The incomparable Mary Blair.

Bill Peet's story sketches still rock. A master of drawing, staging and storytelling.

A pieceful iconic moment in the film. Here's how Milt Kahl interpreted this Peet story sketch:

A couple of Ken Anderson's designs for character and staging.

A Vance Gerry story sketch.

The first rough model sheet of Lucifer, made up of story sketches from the film. Perhaps Bill Peet.

Mary Blair again.

Joe Rinaldi, Bill Peet ?

A beautiful clean up drawing over a Norm Ferguson rough.

Russ Edmond's dog Max from The Little Mermaid. Gorgeous animation.

Here are specific infos about this exhibition: