Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

That's my friend Pierre Landy in the photo, dressed as the Mad Hatter.
About three years ago, when I had some time on my hands, I brainstormed with Pierre the idea of animating the invitation for his upcoming birthday party in Paris. Pierre is a huge fan of Disney animation, and he especially loves the female villains. After a few discussions I agreed to animate him disguised as three different wicked ladies. He sent me his voice recording and after three weeks of work the invite video was finished.
It was a crazy idea, but a lot of fun to do. Later I took all of the animation drawings to Paris and handed them out as party favors. 

Incidently, way back when I met Pierre, he worked in the legal department of Disneyland Paris for a number of years before moving on, and today he is one of Yahoo's top lawyers.

To be honest with you, this little homemade project went through without a glitch, it gave me the confidence to produce "Mushka".     

This is a piece of affectionate satire, no more, no less.