Wednesday, March 15, 2023

More Jungle Book Material

It is always interesting to see where you can find never before seen artwork and photos from Disney films. In recent years French publisher Hachette developed Disney character booklets (just under 30 pages) combined with dimensional figurines. The books are full of behind the scenes infos and visuals. 

This one is just about Mowgli and Kaa. 

A cel from a Frank Thomas scene and a Ken Anderson sketch.

Milt Kahl's animation drawings and a story sketch by Bill Peet. 

This photo cracks me up. Milt is pinning Ollie down on Woolie's director's desk. In all my research for the JUNGLE BOOK exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum I had not come across this specific "Outtake photo". I have no idea where Hachette found it...
The next pic below is the standard version from this particular photo shoot. 

More cool behind the scenes material.