Saturday, March 12, 2022

A Milt Kahl "Book Illustration"


Just recently a copy of Christopher Finch's 1973 book The Art of Walt Disney was offered at an auction in the UK. I love this book. Beautiful oversized reproductions of vintage animation artwork. 

What makes this edition special are the original drawings that came with it. Milt personalized the book with a sketch of himself and a fishing buddy. Here is what the auction house said about this item:

The most interesting aspect here is the fact that Milt refers to author Christopher Finch for not giving him a proper tribute, not "glorifying him" enough. A great artist revealing his bruised ego. 

Milt's photo and section in the book:

Infos about Donald Overfield:

Donald Overfield is a world-recognised authority on the history of flyfishing and its many varied participants down the ages. A well-known contributor and illustrator to the angling journals of this country, America and Scandinavia, author of Famous Flies and their Originators and the man chosen to update the Courtney Williams classic A Dictionary of Trout Flies, he is in the unique position to assess the greatness of G.E.M. Skues and his contribution to the history of flyfishing.
Overfield is a member of the Flyfishers' Club of London, Skues' haunt for fifty-six years, also international director of the Flyfishers Foundation of America and a member of the advisory board of the American Fly Tyers Round Table. He can usually be found, rod in hand, wandering the streams of his native East Yorkshire, when he tears himself away from his Warwickshire study and his continuing investigations into the craft of flyfishing and the artificial fly.