Sunday, October 26, 2014

Milt's Llama

One of my all time favorite pieces if character animation is the Lake Titicaca sequence from the feature Saludos Amigos. The way the Llama interacts and reacts to Donald Duck and the little Peruvian Boy is so inspired, I could watch that section forever.
Milt had mastered the realistic locomotion of a different four-legged animal in Bambi.
With this character he just went to town. When the Llama tries to follow Donald’s flute playing, he comes up with some hilarious moves, including a charleston, but eventually looses his balance. I remember Milt talking about this long ago assignment: “Yeah, I did a llama there that was kind of screwy…not one of my better things, nothing to write home about.” Geeezz!
These frames come from Michael Sporn’s animation archive.

Go here for the full pencil test:

This is a Donald Duck watercolor sketch Milt did as part of the promotional material.

A while ago I found a B&W fuzzy reproduction of this Kahl sketch in a book. I couldn’t help it and recreated it in color.