Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Marc Davis Touch

I love the French!
I am lucky to have worked in Paris for almost one year (Runaway Brain). So fortunate to have many French friends. My command of the language is not very good, but after a glass of wine I seem to be able to get by with French party talk. My favorite language in the world.
I don't need to point out that the French have class and taste.
When Disney published a book on animator/imagineer Marc Davis in 2014, the cover became an issue of discussion. How do you present Marc's remarkable talents?
Disney/US chose a variety of images that cover a few of Marc's achievements. An obvious choice, since he was Disney's renaissance man.
But look at the cover of the French version! WOW! One drawing that says it all. This partial development drawing of Maleficent shows strength in composition, powerful use of color and of course personality. This image is worthy of a poster!

The book does go into detail about Marc's many talents. (I wrote a chapter on his animal life drawings.) In animation he became known as the master of leading ladies, heroines as well as villainess personalities.

The cover of the US book. It does give you more information about Marc's work, but somehow the French version knocks it out of the park.