Tuesday, January 10, 2023


In this Milt Kahl scene Buzzie is starting to loose his patience with the other vultures while discussing plans for what to do next. "Oh blimey, the same notes again!" 
Milt Kahl's challenge here was to find interesting ways to portray boredom. When you are bored you don't move very much at all. But these four buzzards have just enough interaction to pull off a very entertaining sequence. 
As they sit still, one of them would burst out an idea for what to do, which almost freaks out the other ones. For a few frames they turn into "feathery fluff balls" before settling into their normal appearance.
I love all that stuff.


The exhibit WALT DISNEY'S THE JUNGLE BOOK, Making a Masterpiece at the Walt Disney Family Museum is closed during February. It will reopen next month and run through March 4.

In the meantime have a sneak peak on Youtube, posted by a visitor: