Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baloo and Mowgli

Here are rough animation drawings from a couple of Milt Kahl scenes from The Jungle Book.
The first one precedes this shot from a recent post:

Baloo pushes Bagheera away from him and starts talking about King Louie’s monkey’s: “They ambushed me!…”
Milt always gets amazing mouth shapes in any of his dialogue scenes, whether it is a human character or an animal. He knows the configuration of the mouth unit so well that he is able to believably draw any shape that a specific sound calls for.

Earlier in the film Mowgli received a friendly smack from Baloo, which resulted in a cartwheel that came to a stop at a dead tree trunk. Mowgli finds himself in the most awkward upside down position, before trying to straighten himself out.
Milt comes up with a great solution for turning the boy upright again. It required a few potentially complicated drawings, but because of his insane knowledge of anatomy he makes it look easy and beautiful.