Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Freddie Girls

For a change of pace, here are a few Fred Moore girls you hopefully haven't seen yet.
Just when you thought you have seen all of them, in books or online, a new auction suddenly offers  brand-new ones. It's obvious why everybody at the studio wanted a drawing of a Freddie girl.
They are full of charm and innocence….most of the time. I have a few, which can't be posted here. I'd have to open an adult only blog, which I won't do.
It really wasn't that unusual for Disney animators to do gag drawings with adult humor. Kimball, Milt, Marc and others exchanged sketches "that were not meant for the public to see" as Alice Davis puts it. 
So in some ways these animation legends were just like regular guys.

An animation drawing from the Donald Duck short "Duck Pimples"