Thursday, April 11, 2019

Eric Goldberg's Rhapsody in Blue

The Rhapsody in Blue section in Fantasia 2000 is not only my favorite piece in the movie, it is one of my all time favorite animated short films. 
And lucky me had the opportunity to contribute a couple of scenes to this masterpiece.
I remember complimenting Eric on his amazing story reel. The way he created a solid, entertaining story based on Gershwin's 1924 composition almost left me speechless. It felt like Gershwin came up with his music to accommodate Eric's film many decades later. 
I love everything about this film. The Hirschfeld graphic influence, Susan Goldberg's art direction and everybody's animation. 
Had this been a stand alone short film, it most certainly would have won an Oscar.
Bravo Eric!!!

Here are a few stills featuring my animation.