Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Robin Hood Roughs

More of Milt Kahl's work for "Robin Hood".
The first sheet shows designs for Maid Marion and Lady Cluck before animation began.
The drawings look like they are just about to "click", meaning they are waiting to be animated in order to establish that perfect Kahl look.
The following Milt roughs were done for an Ollie Johnston segment of the film, the last part of the archery tournament.
Maid Marion seeking comfort from Lady Cluck presents a staging challenge, and Milt's sense for clear silhouette and pleasing shapes combined with the proper emotion helped make this a better scene.
The last image with Robin and Marion could have been problematic in terms of believability.
After all it shows two anthropomorphic foxes being in love. Again Milt's subtle draughtsmanship and sense for appeal prevent this from being a corny situation.