Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TS Sullivant 2

Here are a few more Sullivant masterpieces.
As you know I just can't get enough of him, so I'll be posting more of his cartoons once in a while.
The first one showing some kind of interaction between a pig and a rooster is pure joy to look at. I don't have the caption for it, the illustration comes from an auction catalogue. I was bidding on this piece, but it went for a ton of money and I was outbid.
The contrast between these two is what makes this so entertaining. The pig has the shape of a sausage, the rooster is drawn with brilliantly caricatured anatomy.
But his proportions are totally unusual. Who wouldn't emphasize a rooster's tail?
Sullivant instead enlarges his head, neck and legs. 

What fantastic staging with the goat and the pig. Realistic anatomy again, look at how the goat's pants cover his legs. That's not a human leg, that's a goat's leg!
So cool!

I won't comment on all of them, but the "Board of Arbitration" has so much going on, it's worth stydying in detail. I love the lion pulling the giraffe's head. It's a cartoon lion, but look at the power.

Noah and his wife caught in a dispute is hilarious. And the hippo's drool, what a nice touch.

The last piece shows again how unconventionally Sullivant approaches his animal caricatures. Who in the world would think about drawing a bear with a large chest and small hips? Doesn't the "cartoon law" say it should be the other way around?