Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TS Sullivant 2

Here are a few more Sullivant masterpieces.
As you know I just can't get enough of him, so I'll be posting more of his cartoons once in a while.
The first one showing some kind of interaction between a pig and a rooster is pure joy to look at. I don't have the caption for it, the illustration comes from an auction catalogue. I was bidding on this piece, but it went for a ton of money and I was outbid.
The contrast between these two is what makes this so entertaining. The pig has the shape of a sausage, the rooster is drawn with brilliantly caricatured anatomy.
But his proportions are totally unusual. Who wouldn't emphasize a rooster's tail?
Sullivant instead enlarges his head, neck and legs. 

What fantastic staging with the goat and the pig. Realistic anatomy again, look at how the goat's pants cover his legs. That's not a human leg, that's a goat's leg!
So cool!

I won't comment on all of them, but the "Board of Arbitration" has so much going on, it's worth stydying in detail. I love the lion pulling the giraffe's head. It's a cartoon lion, but look at the power.

Noah and his wife caught in a dispute is hilarious. And the hippo's drool, what a nice touch.

The last piece shows again how unconventionally Sullivant approaches his animal caricatures. Who in the world would think about drawing a bear with a large chest and small hips? Doesn't the "cartoon law" say it should be the other way around?


  1. Hi Andreas,these Sullivants are stunning!Thanks!
    I do know the caption of the drawing with the rooster and the pig (but I don't have the drawing).
    Rooster: No wonder you are so fat, you eat all the time.
    Pig: Oh no! Only when I am awake!

  2. Thanks, Wil.
    I wonder who has this drawing. It's not fair!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting these, Andreas!
    Another thing that I've noticed about Sullivant is that he likes to draw characters with their backs facing the viewer. There's only a couple in this bunch with that factor but I've seen many more with it and always wonder about it (even though he always does it brilliantly and it never takes away from the initial image).

  4. I didn't knew this artist. I'm in love! Thanks!

  5. The pig and rooster drawing is superb!

  6. I am absolutely blown away by Sullivant's work, and am honestly surprised that I haven't come across him before your two consecutive posts. His lines are just so... Delicious. I find myself staring at each one of his figures, just awash in how new and smart it feels. :)


  7. man I love sullivant's works - these are truly gems. thanks for posting these!

  8. I always loved his Alice in Wonderland concept/story sketches. His work is unique and amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Help, can you shed any light on this subject. I've been trying to find out what has happened to a disney title that was suppose to release but hasn't yet. "A Disney Sketchbook" Can you help in any way

  10. Hey Andreas. These are really nice illustrations. Its hard not to get caught up in them. I think my favourite has to be either the 'sausage' pig or the bear at the end. I can see a lot of influence in Chris Sanders' work in these illustrations. Would be interested to find out if he's been inspired by Sullivant himself.

    Also I loved your post on the Aristocats recently. And wondered if you had anything about the character George. The lawyer. I believe Milt Kahl animated him, and to me personally. The best part of the film by far. Such good character animation. Funny, delightful to watch. Almost near perfect!

  11. oh and p.s. Just saw Winnie the pooh this week and congratulations!! It looks as though the animators and story artists in particular had a lot of fun making it. It really shines through in the good humour of it all. Made me laugh.

  12. so beautiful!!
    I love the pig!!! :D

  13. I think Emily is thinking of John Tenniel.

  14. These are wonderful!!! The Chimpanzee's expression is priceless. You can really feel the hold the elephant has on that rhino. I really like the way he drew humans too. That guy with the line of elephants is great.

    Thanks for posting!!!

  15. Oops...sorry for the mix-up! Was actually confused with David Hall, another Disney artist, whose drawings were really strange. But Sullivant's art is really fantastic too :)

  16. Really cool, they look like Disney drawings in a way. The pig and the rooster is my favorite as well as the Board of Arbitration, so much life in it!