Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tigger Outtake

These are a few scenes with Tigger and Pooh that ended up being cut from the feature film Winnie The Pooh. As I mentioned before Tigger's entrance used to be very different from the final version. Just like in the original shorts, he was always looking for something or someone to bounce on.
We animated the whole sequence that way, but after a screening it became clear that Tigger really wasn't that interesting just bouncing around. So the sequence was rewritten, and new and different business was added which included a red balloon. It turned out for the better.

I did enjoy animating these early scenes though.
Tigger grabs the wooden sign away from Pooh and enthusiastically starts bouncing on it, until he gradually looses interest. This was a scene that required some careful analyzing. Tigger's emotion starts out being euphoric, then he becomes bored and somewhat annoyed. It was lots of fun doing it.
I animated both characters for the first two scenes, Marc Henn did Pooh in the last shot.

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