Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lilo is late for Hula Class...

…but she just had to take a quick photo of a sun burnt tourist at the beach. 
The following key drawings show her turning around and then heading off to school.
Even though her design looks stylized and cartoony, it was very important to me that she behaved and moved like a real girl. So a run like this one needed to have proper weight, overlapping action in her hair etc.. I had a lot of fun with this little scene, and I'm glad we didn't use any live action reference for Lilo.

I remember Roy Disney's wife Patty asking me a question after a screening:"She never really closes her mouth in the film, does she?" I guess Patty wasn't used to seeing an animated character with a broad smile like this one.

These are sketches I made during a recording session with Daveigh Chase, who voiced Lilo so perfectly. I can't imagine a better voice for the character. Daveigh was funny to watch as she read her lines. She would belt out something like: 
"I'M ALREADY IN MY ROOM!" Then she leaned back in her chair, waiting for the directors' comments. 
They would say:"That was great, Daveigh." Her response was always a very shy and quiet "Thanks."