Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roger Rabbit Screening and Panel

Next month on April 4 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present a screening of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and a panel discussion with some of the film makers.
I am honored to be included, and I look forward to this special evening.

The event is already sold out, but there will be a standby line where tickets might become available in case of cancellations and no shows. Here is the link to the Academy's website:

Way back when the movie turned out to be such a big hit, Disney and Amblin thanked the key animators with this lovely note, and we also received a cel from one of our scenes. In this one Jessica was of course animated by Russel Hall. 
"Let's go home, Roger. I'll bake you a carrot cake!" What a fantastic line of dialogue!

Animation had become cool again. Little did we know that more great projects and huge successes were around the corner.


  1. Wow that s cool that you guys are having a reunion for this movie it was very important for animation in general so it deserves one. It would have been amazing to work on that film, so much creativity.

  2. Wish I could be joining you guys there! I've asked Don to find out if they could stream the panel discussion for those of us spread out across the globe. That would be terrific! (hey, whatever happened to Russell Hall?)

  3. How exciting! Be sure to tell us about it later in April. :D

  4. The cel is very interesting. Were the soft-shadows added in post? I'm curious to know.

  5. Got my tickets and really looking forward to it.
    That's a great a cel Andreas! I have a few from the film, but that is one of the nicest I have seen.

    To follow.on from Greg, what has happened to Russell Hall? His work is amazing.

    Look forward to hearing you talk on the 4th.

  6. Please, more stuff from Roger Rabbit. I just love it. Hopefully the event will be filmed and made available in some way.

  7. It's a shame, I don't see Richard Williams anywhere on the guest list.