Saturday, May 23, 2015


A silly photo for a German magazine after The Lion King had been released. I remember the photographer being fascinated with some character figurines, which were placed on my animation desk. It was always interesting to see how your character would be represented as a fast food bonus toy or other merchandise articles. 
The animators were frequently involved in the development of such figurines. We were shown little models in a "work in progress" stage, and more often than not gave input to help bring the character on model. 

Any of these could be tweaked a bit more to make them look like the film's images, but there is a quirky and naive quality to these mini maquettes which I kind of like.

This t-shirt image was taken from an actual animation drawing.

Stylized films like Hercules present a challenge when representing the characters three dimensionally, 
there are many graphic cheats used in the animation that don't make a lot of sense from a logical point of view.

I believe this Roger Rabbit set was done exclusively for the Disney Parks,  Baby Herman came out perfect.

A t-shirt illustration based on one of my pre-production sketches.

An absolutely perfect representation of bad Mickey from Runaway Brain, produced in Japan.


  1. Well it's good to know some of the characters you've animated comes in as toys later on.

  2. that t-shirt is awesome. Fond memories of redrawing Scar from that exact scene as a kid :)

  3. I own a lot of those small PVC plastic figures. Runaway Brain Mickey is *always* adorable.

  4. Das soll nicht abwerten klingen, die Minimarquette erinnern mich ein wenig an Ü-Figuren von Ferrero!
    Damals gab es zu Herr der Ringe eine Figuren Reihe, die ich unheimlich Klasse fand und noch immer besitze! :)
    Erstaunlich was bei der kleinen Größe noch gut darzustellen ist! :)
    Ich halte die Figuren von Schleich für so gut und hilfreich, dass ich mir welche zugelegt habe. :)

    Die Runaway Mickey Figur ist einfach zum Niederknien! (⁠ʘ⁠ᴗ⁠ʘ⁠✿⁠)

    Danke fürs Posten! :)