Friday, September 9, 2011

Two more Character Panels

I have a few more of these character collages left, so here are a couple new ones.
Most of the drawings are by Milt Kahl, but not all.
Captain Hook is of course by Frank Thomas. I like this drawing so much, years ago I turned it into a wire sculpture and gave it to Frank for his birthday.
He also drew the Gouchito and the donkey. That little short has some of Frank's best animation.
The stepsisters are by Ollie, and the debate goes on, whether they were handled too broadly next to the stepmother and Cinderella. The drawing sure looks beautiful, though.
That's a John Sibley Goofy, he did some of the best stuff with that character.
(The short "Olympic Champ" is a knock out.)
Norm Ferguson drew this Gideon, a rich pantomime character.
I believe this Donald, who is part of a model sheet, is by Milt Neil. It almost looks like a Kahl drawing.

Highlights on the second sheet are the Preston Blair hippo, the Fred Moore Mickey and the Kimball Jiminy Cricket.
Prince Phillip is from an experimental scene, the design looks a little different.
I will have a separate post on this model change later.
You can see in the drawing of the king from "Cinderella" how Milt started to push his straight lines in order to simplify and solidify his designs.
That's even more evident in the stunning key drawing of Merlin holding Archimedes. The contrast in shapes is so much fun. His thin feet and then the huge, baggy sleeves.

All these would make beautiful wall paper!


  1. I have a few more of these character collages left

    I hope, you'll post them all :)

  2. Thanks! I love these as my wallpaper. My non-animator sister comes in and sees them and says "Oh I remember that! Oh my gosh!"... it's magic for all of us!

  3. These collages are excellent! Very nice selection.
    John Sibley is always awesome!

  4. Awesome wallpaper, for certain! I currently have one of your previous collages as my wallpaper and am about to switch it out for one of these. You've put me in a quandary, though, trying to choose between these two! I love Frank's Gauchito so much, but Jiminy is my favorite character, so I have to start with that one.

    I adore these collages...thank you SO much for sharing them! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I especially like the Captain Hook picture by Frank Thomas. Such a funny, but at the same time a little scary, character. Except for Smee, he's the most entertaining character in Peter Pan.
    Frank Thomas was such a great animator. Would have been amazing to have met him, but at least his drawings still remain and all the feeling he brought the characters. Legend.

  6. The King from Cinderella, he's so frustrated, you can see it, you know the reason yet you can't help but laughing at his frustratrion. I adore Milt Khal's angry characters, there so much of himself in them. Wonderful self-irony, unreported of course.

  7. Andreas,
    I was trying to figure out. Is it true John Lounsbery animated Sher Khan at all in JB? If so, which scene(s)?

  8. Grayson,
    Lounsbery animated Shere Khan the first time you see him, that one scene when he is walking through the grass, toward screen left.
    Later on he did the action/fight scenes.
    Milt told me he was very pleased with with Lounsbery's work on the tiger.

  9. Thanks Andreas. I wanted to ask if you could give me permission to use some of the artwork and ruffs you put up on this site in posts on my own blog, the 50 Most Influential Disney Animators? I just have been having a hard time finding rough drawings by the animators and feel that they're essential in making the posts authentic so it would be great if i could put at least a few of the ones you've posted there. Btw by any chance have you seen the site yet?

  10. Nice Goofy! I have the swing and taffy twist drawings. -Steve Worth

  11. Greyson,
    I have no problem with you posting some of the images from my blog.
    Yes, I have seen your site. Even though subjective, it's a nice thing you are doing.

  12. Thanks Andreas. Sorry if it's a bit subjective I try to be objective. Just so I can improve it what would you say I do that's a bit that way?

  13. Beautiful work. That Mickey pose is so funny.

  14. So awesome posts! Would it possible to get more posts about Preston Blair? :)