Monday, November 28, 2011

Horned King Pencil Test

This test was the first piece of animation I did after completing the Disney training program under Eric Larson.
Just for fun I  just added my voice to the scene. (30 years later).
Way back we had talked about the Horned King's face always being in the dark, you would only see his eyes. So for the test I didn't bother animating dialogue.
I didn't have a voice track anyway. I remember I acted the scene out in front of a mirror, it helped me with the foreshortening of his hand.
The bulk of the character's actual production scenes were animated by Phil Nibbelink.
For contrast I am showing a Tim Burton sketch of Taran and the pig Hen Wen....


  1. Yay! Your Beginnings, thanks for posting. Looks scary, sharp punch with the claws to the ease and last overlap of the eye bulge, love it.

    I've been reading Tim Burton's Autobiography "Burton on Burton" quite epic, he mentions you in it " He would sit on one side of the room and I would sit on the other. It was like a friendly version of the Odd Couple."

    Have an enjoyable week

  2. I like the rough tests with the ebony pencil. Andreas, last post you told me to start with the internship at I tried to make an account but I have to have a portfolio/demo and I don't. What needs to be in the portfolio to do the 8 week summer internship? I left another comment on your last post, I'm not sure if you read it. Thanks.

  3. Brandon,
    you need to get in touch with Disney concerning your questions. Write, email or call them to get answers.

  4. I found answers in the faq section, thank you so much Andreas! The beginning of my portfolio starts nnnnoooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!

  5. We where working with Phil Nibbelink at Creative Capers this past summer for my internship. He is a great guy and always impressed us with the amount of work he was able to produce! He was animating in this special yellow pencil that the scanner would not pick up then he would do his own clean up on top of that! It was great to get to work with him.

  6. Love your animation - the simplicity in Burton's drawings is Genius.

  7. Wow, honestly I'm so glad you started this blog, haha.
    And that's one hell of a starting test!

  8. Love the little hand flourish :D I'm hearing him say, "Bring me an egg!" but I doubt that's right :D

    As for the Tim Burton sketch, the pig is just awesome :D

  9. K.Yang,
    LOL!!!! It really did sound like "Bring me an egg".
    Check again, I redubbed the track.

  10. This is so great!!! Thanks for posting.

  11. Andreas,
    I watched the animation again before I saw your reply :D I almost facepalmed, thinking "The PIG?! What's wrong with my hearing?!?!" Hahaha :D

  12. Hi Andreas,

    I sent a message to your email address about the Black Cauldron. I'm leaving this message here, just in case the email I sent wound up in the junk mail folder. Did you receive it? If you didn't, I'll send it again.

    Kurtis Findlay