Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tigger Pencil Test

I am absolutely thrilled to be nominated for an Annie Award for my work on Tigger in the feature film "Winnie the Pooh".
It was intimidating and challenging at the same time to do this character, who was originally created by "you know who".
Last weekend I had the pleasure to spend time with Milt Kahl's daughter Sybil, and I had to tell her: Can you believe I got a nomination with your dad's character?!

Here is one of two pencil tests I did to apply for Tigger. The scene is a little too busy with excitementI, but he is talking about firecrackers. I hope the directors Don Hall and Steve Anderson know how happy I was to have gotten this assignment. Both guys were just great to work with.


  1. Congrats again Andreas :) Tigger would be incredible fun to play with - such a great energy.

  2. You'are worked in the new film of Winnie Pooh? Deja

  3. So well deserved Andreas, Congratulations. Killer Test!

  4. Congratulations on the Annie nomination, Andreas!
    Good luck.

  5. Rooting for ye Andreas. fantastic job, such a great character

  6. Congratulations Andreas! Tigger is such a hilarious character!

  7. Congratulations Andreas! You deserved it!

  8. Beautiful animation!!! The film was great. Congratulations on your nomination. I'm sure Milt would be proud.

  9. Great job and congratulations Andreas! Thanks for showing this clip at the CTNx panel this past November. I always learn a lot from your talks. It was a blast!

  10. Congrats congrats congrats!!!
    I absolutely LOVE Tigger :D He's so fun and awesome!
    And I think you did an AMAZING job :D Very true to the original Winnie-the-Poohs and the Tigger Movie, which made me so happy haha
    "Tiggers LOOOOVE fiyahcrackerth! Eshpeshially with duh BOOM! And duh KKK! And duh SSSS! And duh.."

    Writing a school assignment about my adoration of Disney animation :D Going to rave about this blog!

  11. What a dream job. And if that wasn't enough, well deserved recognition by the Annie nomination too! Congrats Andreas. Your Tigger was exactly the same Tigger we know and love. Here's hoping we get to hear more about your adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. What is perhaps most amazing to me is that despite the great scenes where he got to shine he was so carefully crafted into the story as to not steal the show.

  12. I really like this test and all the hand motions he uses.

  13. Really big congrats to you here - I felt the spirit of ALL the Nine Old Men first time I saw this movie. And no doubt that Milt himself was present in your scenes, which I can now rewatch with greater respect =)

  14. Congratulations, Andreas. I hope you have an amazing Christmas this year. Thanks for blogging because your drawings inspire me and the Milt Kahl(as well as T.S Sullivant) drawings you post are really great for studying and a breath of fresh air. :D

  15. Awesome animation it would be so cool to see the keys as well. Adreas i had a question, is Disney still making hand drawn animation, because I heard they were working on some film that was going to be different then what they had made in the past, but it was suppose to be hand drawn. Not sure, I think they should keep all you guys working even if it is independent films your making, its a real art form that can keep evolving and changing but yet still being drawn by the artist hand. Glenn Kean, Mark Henn, James Baxter, Jon Pomeroy, Eric Goldberg, Andreas Deja, could be the new 9 old men, i just can't think of the rest of the 9.

  16. Congrats on the nomination Andreas, Come back to Disney!

  17. Congrats Andreas on the great news hope you win. I will be rutting for you.

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  19. Andreas, your blog is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this! I was lucky enough to be at your panel at CTN this year when you showed this. Tigger's my all time favorite character!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Congrats on your nomination!!!!

  20. That's why animation is more acting than art...

  21. One of my prized books are Disney Animation The Illusion of life. I was wonder if you are going to do a book on your way of donig animation I use books like that like classes to learn from people in the filed. The big draw for me is the drawings in it. That book help a lot gust to be able to see how the animators worked and there thought process. I would bye one of your in a second.

  22. One more thing could you look at some animation I did for Aubie the Auburn University mascot. The animation is for the Mascot Nationals at Disney in January. I would love some feed back.

  23. Congratulations Andreas! So well deserved! :)

  24. I was too timid to comment to this before, but my mind just keeps going back to it. I can't put my finger on it (maybe because I haven't studied animation...), but something about this pencil test seems...tired, I guess. Like the voice is full of energy, but the movement isn't. But I do remember liking the Tigger animation overall when I saw the film.

  25. Congratulations, I really hope you you so much! <3

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    And about your new look; I just love the new color and the hairstyle. Those bangs look so chic on you.

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