Sunday, February 19, 2012

Merryweather's Wardrobe Malfunction

In "Sleeping Beauty" when it came time to create a wedding dress for Aurora, it was Flora who insisted on taking on this challenge. She only needed Merryweather as a model.
We all know how well that turned out. I love the dialogue between the two.
Merryweather: "It looks awful!" Flora: "That's because it's on you, dear."

Marc Davis came up with a couple of different "fashion" designs for the situation, and they look great. Ollie Johnston combined ideas from both sketches and created the final version, as you can see in the last image.


  1. You said:
    (I love the dialogue between the two.
    Merryweather: "It looks awful!" Flora: "That's because it's on you, dear.")

    This is the kind of mature humor I love in Disney films. The kids in the audience aren't likely to grasp it in way their parents will. To the kids its just a plain awful dress but the witty banter with subtext really layers in the personality as we gain a deeper insight into each character.

    What is particularly interesting in this piece of dialogue is the way the phrase is given, without a hint of any malice intended.

    I can remember watching 'Sleeping Beauty' after not seeing the film in many years and I was so impressed by this scene that I could hardly wait to watch it again. I think the reason is that I had forgotten this scene was in the film and it was like viewing it for the first time all over again. (if that makes sense!)

  2. you have no idea how much i used to laugh about this scene when I was a kid. I still find it hilarious, the dress, the cake. it's a gem! The fairies have very different personalities, so there's always a contrast in the scene. That's what makes them so interesting to watch.

  3. Preparing for Aurora's birthday was one of the scenes that stood out the most to me in Sleeping Beauty. They're three magical fairies, but when you take the wands away...
    Merryweather is my favorite - I love her grumpy personality! And I have always been... mesmerized, you could say, by the way Flora bundled her up in that dress and and randomly tied it together. :D

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  5. Jedes mal, wenn ich mich durch den Blog klicke denke ich zwei Sachen: "Ich muss unbedingt Zeichner werden" und "So gut werde ich niemals"

  6. the last image is too funny=]]]]]]!! love it, thanks for sharin :)

  7. Gorgeous sketches (especially the final)...