Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beauty Moment

There is so much you can admire in this one key drawing by Marc Davis and John Lounsbery (who did the animals in this sequence). We don't even see Aurora's face, but the movement and design of her hair and skirt is exquisite. There is an elegance that to date is unmatched.
The artists' passion and love for the animated medium is so evident in this drawing, even if the audience would see it for only a 24th of a second.


  1. Incredible! The texture of her hair in so few lines is amazing. And the tilt of her head and the expression on the owl's face tell you so much about this scene. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. absolutely beautiful.
    it certainly is funny how most have viewed some of most stunning images for only one 24th of a second...

  3. Wow, look at the size of her arms compared to the waist!

    1. Her arms really aren't that wide, that's loose fabric hanging.

  4. Hi Andreas! I don't know if you were notified, but the interview is published on the school's website now. Hope you like it :) It was very nice to meet you!

  5. Aurora is sheer elegance! And to Stine Sæthre up there - I enjoyed reading the interview!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all those treasures !
    2D Hug from Paris !

  7. I love that you pointed out the most amazing thing about animation. The detail and perfection of a drawing only to be seen for a 24th of a second! Sheer brilliance, beauty, and talent!

  8. Andreas -

    Thank you again and again for continuing to share these amazing drawings from your collection. Inspirational doesn't begin to describe it ...

    I remain profoundly mystified and troubled as to why this sort of elegant hand-drawn animation has fallen out of favor (especially at Disney, of all places ... how can that be?).

    Thank you for doing so much to keep the flame alive.


  9. Dear Andreas Deja-san

    Thank you very much for teaching it about Mel Shaw-San the other day.

    Arai Wataru

  10. Hi Andreas, I wonder if you might email me at the address in my blogger profile concerning a Searle exhibition I'm planning.

  11. They were real draftsmen in those days. The eye for detail make me want to try harder.