Friday, June 22, 2012

Eduard Klablena

A few years ago I went to Vienna for vacation, I love that city.
To see originals works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele up close in local museums was worth the trip alone. But an unexpected discovery made my trip even more special.
While exploring narrow streets near the city's center I came across a gallery which showcased the most beautiful ceramic sculptures of animals. ( A few fantasy creatures as well ).
The artist was Eduard Klablena, someone I had never heard of. He lived from 1881 until 1933. Klablena worked in Germany but mostly in Austria, where he was a member of the prestigious Vienna Workshop (Wiener Werkstaette).  
The sculptures' poses are rich with animal character,  and the glaze finish on them is just incredible. Some of them remind me the old Disney maquettes that were produced in Joe Grant's model department. Full of charm and life.

You never know what you discover when roaming the streets of European cities.


  1. Wow, these are great. Im glad once in a while you do post other than drawings. fantastic inspiration Andreas.

  2. I certainly see what attracted you to these!!

  3. Very eye-catchingly gorgeous! :D

  4. Very attractive. It would be fun to see the cat at a Putt-Putt.

  5. Wow? Do you own theses ceramics? Is there a book of his stuff?

    1. I own the brown monkey, the leopard and a bunny.
      Looks like Amazon has one catalogue for sale. A bit pricey though.