Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wilhelm M. Busch 1979

These marvelous life drawings and other doodles by Wilhelm M. Busch were published as a little sketchbook in Germany.
The occasional sexually provocative quality in them makes me want to name him the German Frazetta.
Busch's sense for anatomy with beautiful rhythm and composition is masterful, that's for sure. Every sketch is interesting, often the perspective is daring, and I don't see any drawing formulas here. No flashy shading or over confident lines. 
His proportions always show contrast, thick upper legs with thin ankles, for example.
I love the way he sees things. 
Everything is based on intense observation of human and animal figures.
This man knew stuff!

For more Busch illustrations go to Hans Bacher's blog:


  1. Wow, just amazing, beautiful draftsmanship. The guy riding the horse is my favorite.

  2. Such beautiful posings, we really feel the movements !

  3. These drawings are SO...good! These forces and volumes are just just awesome.

    Indeed he knew his stuff! This is so humbling. No matter how much you draw--- and just when you feel saying, "I think I know what I'm doing.." you see something like Wilhelm Busch and get such a smackdown....but it's still inspiring.

    Thank you for posting this!

  4. Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pardon, I will not speak on Busch. I will speak on the blog that I have just discovered. Thank you Mr. Deja for having created this blog.
    All whom Disney made a bit happier in our chilhood. All that we love the art of the animation and feel something special for the artists who created this magic world we are grateful for your comments. I hope you always finds a few minutes to write new post in the blog.
    Again thank you for your effort
    Perdón, no hablaré sobre Busch. Hablaré sobre el blog que acabo de descubrir hace poco.
    Gracias señor Deja por haber creado este blog.
    Todos a los que Disney hizo un poco más felices de pequeños.
    Todos los que amamos el arte de la animación y sentimos algo especial por los artistas que crearon ese mundo mágico le agradecemos este blog.
    Ojalá que siempre encuentre unos minutos para mantener el blog.
    De nuevo, gracias por su esfuerzo.

  6. Spectacular. If only *my* "other doodles" were half as amazing...

  7. Thank you for introducing me to these great artist. The energy and fluidity of his line is beautiful... There's a great sense of movement, even in the stationary poses.

  8. What was the title of the sketchbook these were originally published in?