Friday, October 12, 2012

Just for Fun

                                                                Lilo & Stitch ©Disney

I don't think you are ever "done" with the characters you animated. 
When I finished my last scene with Mama Odie for The Princess & the Frog  I remember thinking, I am just warming up to her. An idea for a Mama Odie short film kept going through my head.
How much fun that would have been!
Animating Lilo was very special to me, too , so recently I imagined this little situation which is not in the movie. I used color pencil and watercolor.


  1. Thanks so much for this beautiful picture! It brings so much happiness to me :)

    I was thinking recently about the fate of the characters after the feature film is completed. I wondered about the sequels of Lilo and Alladin - I couldn't find the names of original directing animators in credits there, and I assumed that sequels had too low budget to afford the top men, so the characters were handled by others, just using the research and sketches made by the top animators to make the characters consistent. I felt a bit of disappoinment about that.

    I think an idea of a short with Mama Odie is marvelous - maybe it would be possible later to publish it by Disney. Is it hard to convince John Lasseter to publish a private animation project?

    The graphic style of this picture reminds me of my dream of how the hand drawn animation might look in the future. Instead of solid black lines and flat color, a beautiful pencil lines and a paint. Did you ever think about an idea of animation looking this elaborate way? I know this seems impossible to do, because of the amount of work required for each frame and posibble glitter on every detail.

    Certainly it was impossible in Walt Disney's times, when even a simple shading was extremely labor intensive, and it was attempted probably only on a few surfaces in Snow White, Pinocchio and Fantasia. But today, there might be a way to use computers to overcome the limitations, and handle the hand drawn/painted textures properly between key frames, making a completely new graphical style.

  2. Bonjour Andreas connaissant ta passion pour les dessinateurs animaliers,connais tu Takeuchi Koichi ?je pense que tu devrais apprecier.
    amicalement Patrick

  3. I always love to read you stories about the classic animations, but it's also very nice to see a piece of your own current art!

    I hope I'll get a chance to meet you at CTNX!

  4. The Mama Odie short film could've been part of the special features in the 'Princess and the Frog' DVD.

  5. This is very nice! Thanks for sharing! I especially love the colors you used and the soft simplicity of the whole thing.

  6. Aww :D Simple little pieces of art like this are always a treat.

  7. Wow, very nice.

    I just finished watching this movie about an hour ago; always very inspiring. The character interactions are so strong, it's just wonderful. Did Chris Sanders do a lot of the story boarding? His poses are usually charming.

    I was also really admiring the backgrounds for this movie, whoever worked on the backgrounds did an amazing job. The colors and compositions are just so awesome, hard to word it right. Do you have access to any of the background art? I'd love to see some sans characters in higher resolution.

    Great movie for sure.

    Also, are you working on anything exciting.
    Also also, do you read these posts?

  8. It is so sweet! :)
    Thanks for posting it! :)