Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Prince John & Sir Hiss Pencil Test

Ollie Johnston animated this sequence, which introduces the comic villain and his sidekick snake.
Somehow the pencil test seems to reveal more subtleties in the animation than the final color footage, most of us are used to.
This is clean up animation, Ollie's original roughs were a bit looser. Also, Prince John's  crown with all its diamonds was finalized by an effects animator. Ollie just drew the main shape of it.
What beautiful dimensional animation!

Pardon the picture quality here, this was part of an old TV show from the early 1970ies.
The clip starts out with the story reel version, and it looks like Ken Anderson drew those sketches. 


  1. Oh man, what a masterpiece. Thank you for share this.

  2. Brilliant. I think Peter Ustinov is really the perfect voice for prince John. He did the voice in the german dubbing as well. Great actor for great animation. Thanks.

  3. I like the drawings in the first storyboard like part of the video more than the cleaner part.
    The voice of Peter Ustinov fits better to the rougher drawing of the Prince in my opinion..Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Always interesting to watch what an animator does with the boards, fantastic animation. Thanks for sharing Andreas :)

  5. Beauty! Cant'believe there just mere lines on paper! So much depth and dimension :D
    Thank you! :D

  6. "much to the sorrow of the Queen Mother?"

    the snake wasn't entirely sure of the reaction he was going to get. lovely acting.

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  8. Sehr geehrter Herr Deja, ich bin immernoch sehr interessiert an einem Auslandspraktikum bei Ihnen in Zusammenhang mit Ihrem Film.
    Hierzu sende ich Ihnen einen Link mit Zeichenproben in Form eines Bewerbungsportfolios:


    Ich würde mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen. Liebe Grüße, Giannina.

  9. Lol...I guess King Richard never fought the Crusades because he wanted to. ;)

  10. Glad to see some of Ollie's work, Ive heard he is also one of the best animators, putting more depth into his characters showing deeper emotions.

  11. Andreas,
    Thank you for posting, this Disney pencil test it is so beautiful. I would be interested in seeing more. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Eric Stefani

  12. Ollie is absolutely brilliant, but rarely has such skill and artistry been lavished on such weak material. I think it was Mike Barrier ( or perhaps Mark Kausler) years ago in Funnyworld who mentioned that seeing the animation on this film by the Nine Old Men was like watching master chefs cooking hot dogs. Although I disagree at times with Barrier, I share the sentiment.

    1. I know, I know!
      But I do agree with Dick Williams:
      Much of the character animation in these 70ies films is too good to be ignored. Still worth studying.

  13. I hadn't yet come on to the film, "Robin Hood," but Ollie did show me some of his wonderful animation. It was clear he was truly enjoying himself and it shows.

  14. Lovely animation. Brimming with personality... The characters feel alive.