Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watch Frank Thomas Animate!

Frank Thomas animated a few beautiful scenes during the Rescue Aid Society meeting at the beginning of The Rescuers.
Janitor Bernard retrieved a written note from a bottle, then Bianca and the Chairman try to decipher the washed out writing on the piece of paper.
I find the acting here very real, the way Bianca holds on to the Chairman's arm as she moves cautiously across the sheet. One could argue that the motion is more human than mouse-like, but that's a discussion for some other time.

The sketches above are staging ideas for the moment when the two leading mice meet for the first time.
Below are a few expressive key drawings of the Chairman.

The video clip is from a 1977 UK TV show. I knocked down the color, which was overly saturated.
A big Thanks to Hans Perk, who got me a copy of the show.
A little window into a time when Frank was working on one of his last animation assignments.


  1. thats amazing.....jeez....what a bad ass.

  2. It's amazing how they were at the peak of their abilities. Did Milt Kahl design all the characters for The Rescuers or did he just work on Medusa, the crocodiles and Mr. Snoops?

  3. Seeing and hearing those papers flip is amazing :D


    That cut way too soon.

  5. Have you seen this Super-8 of Frank animating Bernard in 1976?

  6. How about a Watch Andreas Animate post??? :)

    1. There already is footage of it.

  7. Yeah love seeing these guys animate live, so fun flipping the pages, there is some great behind the scenes footage of Miyazaki animating on Princess Mononoke. Yeah totally would be great seeing Andreas animate.

  8. That was great. Is that final drawings before cleanup? Or was there what kind cleanup in those Xerox years?

  9. Thanks for posting. This was always one of my favorite scenes from any Disney movie as a child.

  10. Hi Mr. Deja,
    im a student in arts living in France and want to integrate an animation 2d school, can i have an advice for becoming a good drawer for animation and for having a good animation book later for the school, what should i concentrate on? and what are the best daily exercises?
    Thank you very much Mr Deja.