Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Rescuers Story Meeting

Even though the cameras are rolling, but it feels like story artist/writer Larry Clemmons is genuinely presenting a sequence from The Rescuers. He is showing storyboards involving the introduction of Orville, the albatross.
Present are animator Frank Thomas, co-director Art Stevens, animators Gary Goldman and Ollie Johnston, producer/co-director Woolie Reitherman and story man Ted Berman.
This is a short, but rare unique glimpse into the making of The Rescuers.
Except for newcomer Goldman everybody in the group has been involved with Disney Animation for decades. It is interesting to see that Ollie brought drawing paper along to the meeting, so he can put down sketches based on spontaneous ideas.
He would later animate most of the personality scenes with Orville.
I have some interesting design material of that character by Milt Kahl and Ollie, which I will share in a post very soon.
Sorry about the low video quality, but I think it's still worth watching.


  1. So great, thank you for sharing this. I just didn´t get that , what was comment they laugh at the end?

    1. After Clemmons tried to explain a gag, Woolie R. comments:
      You didn't get a laugh here, Larry.
      Which makes everybody laugh.

  2. Ha! Gary Goldman looks so out of place here. It's as though he's a time traveler having arrived in the wrong period.

  3. Thanks for posting. Good to see Art, the only one I actually knew.

  4. touching to watch a crew of old men working on "the new Disney animated feature":)

  5. I just love that last line of the clip--"You guys have to draw it and animate it..."

  6. Do we know who has the original documentary footage ? I'd love to see it without so much of the image quality (especially on the pencil tests) being blown out . It would be great if the Disney company could restore the original footage if it still exists (I'm assuming it's 16mm) and release it as a bonus extra feature on one of the DVD/BluRay releases.