Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gag Drawing

You've probably seen some of those vintage gag drawings that were done at Disney way back. They usually poke fun at something that had happened between animators, occasionally even Walt was portrayed in a satirical sketch. Milt Kahl and Ward Kimball kept huge files of those drawings.
In the 1995 documentary film Frank and Ollie Frank Thomas revealed several gag drawings that involved him and Ollie . Pretty funny stuff.
Perhaps my generation of animators wasn't as quick with gag artwork, but we drew them, too.

Years ago I was one dollar short when paying for my lunch at the commissary. So my buddy Nik Ranieri lent me a buck, I told him I'd pay him back tomorrow. Months later I found this drawing on my desk.


  1. Hilarious sketch!

    Andreas, Nik now has a facebook page, and he is sharing lots of very cool photos from his years at Disney, including a lot of his pencil test footage of the various films he worked on. If you haven't already, check it out! :)

  2. and...did he got it?
    What drew you to him?


  3. Haha, that's great! Looks like borrowing money from Nik can turn into a dangerous situation.

  4. Gag drawing for me is kind of a stress reliever, or I use it to communicate things that I would never say out loud.

    Apparently he wanted his dollar.

  5. Hilarious! I love seeing sketches instead of written notes. :D

  6. Please Andreas! Help this artist!

    He is being consumed by the fear that his work is, and will be only, just a grain of sand in the desert of art!! He is on the edge of giving up on art... forever!! Please, save him! He definitely, definitely will listen to you! You are one of his most beloved artists!

    Like his admired, i tried to help him with my words, but i'm still weak... I couldn't land a direct hit on his demons!! I'll try one more time, but i'm afraid myself of not being of any help... That's why i ask for your help!! You can definitely awake his passion...


    Once and for all!!!

    This is how things are...
    And here you can reach him!!

    Sorry for posting this here... I couldn't find another place...

  7. HA! Love that..

    Actually, I found a gag sketch in a bin at a gallery a few months ago. The gallery didn't know anything about it, so they charged me $50 for it. No dates or names on it. Though I know the gentleman with the cig is Marc Davis and I think the other is Frank.. or possibly Milt. I am unsure of who drew it.. I want to think it was Marc. What do you think? <--- the sketch

    1. Congratulations! You own a rare Marc Davis drawing.
      And that's Milt Kahl sitting at his desk.
      Would you mind if I post it here sometime in the future?

    2. Andreas, you are more than welcome to post it on your blog or anywhere else in the future! If you have a e-mail, I can send you a larger scan of it.

      I am so happy to know this was by Marc. I did a bit of research and was 99% sure it was. I actually know Alice Davis (she is a family friend) and I visit her a few times a year, so I was planning on bringing it down with me on my next trip in Oct to see if she could confirm it was Marc.

      I'm very pleased. :D

    3. If you do want a larger scan, feel free to e-mail me at

  8. Andreas, here's a gag drawing Nik Ranieri posted on his facebook page, and it involves you! I'm not sure if he drew it, but it's quite funny. :)

    Here is the link:

  9. I just finished listening to both Nik and you on Animation Poscast and find this HILARIOUS! Thanks so much for posting it!!!