Monday, September 9, 2013

More Chanticleer

Here are a few more of Marc Davis' rough character studies for Chanticleer. I love the bewildered waiters and the painter.
The images below represent final illustrations based on a few sketches from the previous post. 
Too bad this movie was never made, but at least some of these designs sort of survived and can be found in the vintage Disneyland ride "America Sings" (also Marc's work), "Splash Mountain" and the animated movie "Robin Hood".


  1. Oh my god, those illustrations are mesmerizing. What kind of technique did Mr. Marc Davis use? Is it watercolor? And one more question, is there any news regarding Marc Davis' book on his art? Thankyou for sharing those wonderful materials. Disney animators were part of 20th century's greatest artists indeed.

    1. That's black ink and watercolor. You can get some infos about the Marc Davis book on this podcast

  2. Thank you, these are awesome!

  3. I love these so much! Too bad the Chanticleer project never saw the light of day, although I do like Robin Hood.

  4. Lovely drawings. Yes, waiters are so funny. And also musicians expressions and pose, just watching them, there can be hear the melancholy music right away.

  5. Had it been made, this film would've had some very memorable characters.

  6. Great images. Is fantastic to see these images.
    So different of what we are used to see nowadays.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  7. I am following this blog since it started.
    your posts are really inspiring.
    I just want to say Thank you.
    Wish you best.

  8. So when are we gonna take this on? I got a few Saturdays in me. Thanks, as always,fer sharing. Bliss!

  9. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the upcoming book!

  10. Well thanks for putting the illustrations on your blog and you aren't aware of the Chanticleer film is now made by Disney competitor Don Bluth entitled Rock A Doodle. Please Andreas if probably known about this animated flick, send a reply.