Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miscellaneous Lilo Stuff

Before starting on production animation with Lilo, I did this little test scene. Chris Sanders' design of her was unique in that her proportions resemble those of a baby's body. I wanted to find out how I could  bring little girl attitudes and poses to that concept. 
Lilo sits bored at a table when she notices a flower on the floor. She slides down a high chair, picks up the flower and puts it on her head. It was fun to do, but quite a few more graphic refinements needed to be made before she could appear in the film.

This was the toughest scene to animate. Chris had done these emotional story sketches. They looked so right on, I didn't know what else to bring to this moment. Lilo asked Stitch about his family and his dreams. She is trying to understand (and forgive) his rough, unfriendly nature.
One of those scenes that got to me.

And this is what happens when two characters from different worlds meet.
A layout drawing for a birthday card.

Last not least a beautiful pre-production watercolor painting by background artist Peter Moehrle.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love your Lilo with Scar picture! They are my favorite characters you've animated! Scar being the most hateful Disney villain and Lilo being the most adorable Disney heroine. Despite these characters being from different movies/worlds they look like they could belong in the same film if you wanted them to be.

  2. Just beautiful!! You captured the moment perfectly. So much emotion. Do you ever act out these scenes yourself to get a feel of how your characters would move?

  3. I adore Lilo and Stitch. It's one of my favorite modern Disney films. You did a great job.

  4. This is the way I want to draw, great work!

  5. I love this little Lilo animation. I've put the images together to animated gif - hope it was supposed to be on 2s. There's so much of Lilo personality already showing in this early shot!

    As for Scar, I bet Lilo would say he's an adorable cute little kitty for her ;) She always had this weird taste for scary companions :)

  6. Best wishes Andreas.


  7. I hate to see what Lilo has brought home today, perhaps Scar will try to eat her or her other pet Stitch.

    Now it is a funny drawing you designed Andreas.

  8. Not so long ago I accidentally found a cute photo about the "real life" Lilo and Stich, I believe the little girl was quite similar to Lilo, I thought you should have a look, too.

    1. Great stuff, as always. I was watching the film a few days ago, and I was impressed by your non-use of animation clich├ęs in her dialogue. There was a real effort to avoid the typical cock head and nod that you still see in a lot of stuff. It made her more real, and believable.Although I'm not a huge fan of some of the behavior in the film, I think it's got it's heart in the right place. Did you have a little girl reference to work with?..

  9. All of these drawings are spot on! :D

  10. I don't know what character you've animated in the past you consider your crowning achievement, but I personally would vote Lilo as your best work.

    Wonderful, inspiring stuff! :)

  11. Hi Andreas,
    Very nice Lilo animation drawings,
    The Background was Bigger and you can’t make it look like your characters are hitting the hard-stuff so Ric (the art director) digitally painted out the drinks. I remember they came to my office and said “Can you paint this in 3 days?” holding the drawing done by Andy Harknes. It ended up taking just a few hours more then 3 days. Note that the flame on one torch is in the shape of a Mickey balloon.

  12. I recently gave Chris a color printout of the Lilo and Scar picture. He may have already seen it.

  13. A masterful motion picture. I adore this film.