Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Tigger Outtake

Here are two versions from a discarded scene that a I animated for the feature film Winnie the Pooh.
First the rough pose test, then the in-betweened rough animation. 

Tigger is standing on Winnie the Pooh's belly, and he is impressed to find out how much Pooh knows about Tiggers.


  1. Thanks Andreas! Beautifully done.

  2. Like everything else you've done, I LOVE this work!!!!! I;m really happy you posted both the keys and in-betweens, both beautiful stuff!!!!
    I would really love to see a post one day about Milt Kahl's work on Tigger one of these days, so we get a better idea of your inspiration that went into the 2011 film, rather than just watching the shorts.

  3. Heh, great expressions and timing.

    What kind of pencils you usually use on sketching and drawing?

  4. Andreas could have done as Eric Larson, teaching traditional animation for young people, ensuring a new generation of animators =)

  5. Really wonderful!

    Say, do you work with thumbnails before the rough pose test? Or what kind of planning do you do before animating a scene?
    (I'm sorry if you've had this question before, but I'm just really curious about how you work your animation magic!)

    ...oh and if you would happen to have any Hercules pencil tests lying around, I would really love to see them! Your pencil tests for Scar and Jafar were really inspiring, and I think there's a lot of us that would love to see more of your works! Both rough and clean! :)

    Thanks for a great blog and for being an inspiration!

  6. Thank you for this special gem!
    For me, as a student of animation, this is so important to see the different levels of creating animation in the classic Disney style, learning so much!

    Thank you for this beautiful pencil test, and thank you for your dedication! The heritage of Eric Larson lives on.

    1. If you still have the rough keys to the post test, to see the individual drawings would be fantastic :)

      No request, just an idea.... :)

  7. Den Film habe ich vor kurzer Zeit erst gesehen und muss sagen der ist echt super geworden!
    Gute Arbeit geleistet mit Tiggers Streifen :-)

    Vielleicht gibt es ja irgendwann nochmal einen weiteren Film

  8. A question on the stripes: are these all added by assistants/clean-up? Or are they already present in some of the key drawings you do?

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love this movie and it's fun to see anything extra on it since the DVD is severely lacking in the Extras department! I especially love the attitude that is subtly conveyed when Tigger asks, "What else do you know?"

    Again. BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Tigger was never so alive as he is in this film. When the credits rolled, I wasn't shocked to learn you animated him. Job well done as always.