Thursday, March 13, 2014


Back in 2003 I played around with animal designs that were influenced by TS Sullivant. Some of these drawings made it into my published animal sketchbook “A Different Stripe”.
Here are a few outtakes that didn’t make it. 
The one above should come with the caption:”Vilkommen, Bienvenue, Velcome!”

The story of Peter Pan portrayed by pig characters.

Other stuff.

Here is the link to a previous post about “A Different Stripe”:


  1. Such magical work Andreas, thank you for posting! With your recent post's, of so many fantastic artist work and your own, I was curious if you had any other material from Walt Stanchfield, whether be a story or some animation work, I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thank you again for this constant source of inspiration!

  2. is there any chance of another print run of this book?

    1. I second that... I've just google searched some stockists.... out of stock. Please please please can you reprint???

    2. Yes! More copies would be amazing!

  3. The way you depict animals is fantastic!

  4. Andreas, if more copies of this book could be printed, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat. These drawings are amazing!

  5. Is it possible to get the book now? Especially outside of USA.