Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bernard Garbutt Animal Sketches

Here are a few pages from Garbutt’s animal sketchbook, around 1940. I love his approach to drawing, he goes right for the essence of the animal. It doesn’t matter wether he is observing a mammal, a bird or a reptile, he tells you something that’s characteristic about this specific animal.
This kind of work makes me want to run to the LA zoo and sketch.
Disney was very lucky to have Garbutt as a teacher for animal drawing during animation’s golden age. With a project like Bambi in the works, these solid but lively sketches influenced the whole crew who worked on that film.

Find out more about about Bernard Garbutt in this earlier post:


  1. These are wonderful! I love the animal drawings that you post from different artists. You can see the confidence in their lines. Mine still feel like a frantic search for that perfect stoke of my pencil, but I can see it improving. The LA zoo is probably one of my favorite places to draw, but the thing I can't get over is all the attention you get when drawing in public. People always seem more interested in me than the animals. It gives me such anxiety sometimes! How do you deal with situations like that?

    1. Kristen, I know what you mean. I've had kids' comments like: Are you an artist? and: My uncle draws better than that.
      Just pay briefly attention to bystanders, and then stop answering their questions as you get back to drawing. Eventually they realize that drawing takes concentration, and hopefully leave you alone.

  2. Perfect. I'm headed to the LA Zoo right now!