Sunday, September 14, 2014

Variations on a Theme

While studying book illustrations by Wilhelm M. Busch I discovered a  reoccurring theme.
These three drawings were published in different books at different times.
A elderly man is watching a young woman or a youthful couple passing by. I believe that elderly man is Busch himself, perhaps reminiscing about his youth or discovering he still has romantic feelings toward the young.
Anyway,  these compositions are beautiful. I've been learning so much from Busch about intense drawing, staging and making a storytelling/personality statement.
Love this man's work!


  1. Just such a beautiful lines. On the first picture, is there some pencil sketces done first? Did he draw mainly just straight with ink?
    Man on first picture looks almost like Jacques Tati. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Interesting point, Andreas! One way to get to the bottom of it, is to see if he ever owned a Daschund! Thanks as always for sharing your insights....

  3. You don't need to remind me how beautiful his work is!

  4. I'm always excited to see a Wilhelm M. Busch post because your blog introduced me to his work. Love comparing the linework of his main subjects with the backgrounds. So beautiful and inspiring!

  5. Andreas, What book/s would you recommend of Wilhelm M. Busch's work?

    Britni Brault